Monitoring, Evaluation and Research Steering Committee reviews quarterly activities

Monitoring, Evaluation and Research Steering Committee reviews quarterly activities

HAWASSA - November 07, 2023 (NIPN/EPHI) – The National Food and Nutrition Strategy Monitoring, Evaluation, and Research Steering Committee (MER SC) is appraising its activities of the first quarter of the 2016 Ethiopian Fiscal Year (2023/24) at a meeting being conducted in the Capital of Sidama Region, Hawassa.

Various activities that have been carried out over the last three months will be under scrutiny by MER SC members, which include sectoral offices (ministerial offices like Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture...), academic sectors (like higher learning institutions... universities), and Research  institutes (Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research including policy Studies Institute).

In the quarterly review meeting which will be wound up on Thursday 9th November 2023, sectoral Offices will present their respective activity reports. Research Institutes are also expected to brief about findings of major researches they have been conducting.

Accordingly, sources disclosed that findings of a WASH project, named Geshiyaro, which is under execution in three Zones of  Oromia, Sidama and South Ethiopia National Regions,  were presented for further discussion and scrutiny. The principal Investigator from the Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI), Zinabu Assefa, presented the research findings.

MER SC Review Quarterly Meeting, which is closely monitored by EPHI is said to be a favourable educational and appraisal platforms for signatory multi-sectoral partners.

The National Information Platforms for Nutrition (NIPN) provided financial and technical supports to the MER SC Review Meeting. NIPN uses the platform of multispectral partners for its major objectives of generating and communicating evidences.

European Union and GIZ are the major fund source for MER SC and other projects being executed by NIPN.

Researchers, university instructors, professionals drawn from sectoral offices, research institutes, academic sectors, EPHI, NIPN and Regional Public Health Institute are in attendance at the MER SC Review Meeting being held in Central Hotel, Hawassa City. (NIPN/EPHI)